Who's behind this?

I'm Jess. A qualified BACP/CPCAB counsellor. I have over 10 years experience of working with families, adults and children in a range of settings. I have always loved my work and feel that the most important thing is truly listening to someone and how they are feeling. To be able to give someone the space to be able to talk without judgement, and be accepted is so powerful!

I understand that people come to counselling for loads of different reasons. I hope that I can offer a space for you to explore what you need in a non judgemental and accepting environment.

Whilst working with families and training I identified that therapy can be expensive and unable to afford the fees. With this in mind I have offered an online service to be able to reduce the fee.

In addition, I have been able to offer a further reduced fee. This is through some amazing trainee counsellors. These students have started their counselling career and need to gain experience towards the end of their training to enable them to qualify. They are bound by the same ethical framework that any therapist is and will have received specific training ensuring they are capable. I personally interview and select all the trainees to ensure that they work with my vision and hope for therapy to be accessible. 



The therapists below are registered members of an accrediting body.
Below are the details of each that can be booked

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Dean Reason MBACP Dip Counselling

I am Dean and I am a qualified counsellor who offers individual therapy. I can provide in person, online, short and long term options. 

I work from an integrative approach, meaning I use various theories and techniques which cater to you as an individual. This is because everyone is unique; we all have struggles which we may want support with coping with. To do this effectively, I believe that the relationship we build is of paramount importance. A strong connection will allow for a safe environment for us to explore potential resolutions to anything you choose to bring to your session. 

Often our work together brings a higher level of self-awareness, which can alter your interactions with others. By using what you learn in therapy, you can begin to learn a healthier way of being; really connecting to what your true desires are.



I have been so excited to be able to be able to offer affordable counselling. All of my Counsellors on Placement are all Members of Accredited Services, In their Final Years of Study. This means that they have already completed at least 2 years of training already. They have been interviewed by me and selected because of their skills and sharing similar ethos to The Wellbeing Therapy Hut.
That it is the clients journey and needs to be client led.

What is the difference?

The difference is that a qualified counsellor has more hours of working with clients, passed exams and assessments.

Trainees are in their final level of training. They have completed 2/3 years of training so far so have all the knowledge and theory and some client hours they just need to get more to be able to pass. 

Trainees can only have 4 clients at a time where as a counsellor can have as many as they want. Trainees have to have more supervision which checks their practice as well.

I have recently posted an article on my facebook page that goes into more detail https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/.../lets-talk-fees

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Sarah. Offering Sessions at Epsom or Online
My name is Sarah and I am an integrative Counsellor combining Humanistic and Psychodynamic approaches. I aim to make it possible for you to speak about things which you might not have put into words before and ask questions to help. I can offer you a safe, warm and confidential space to allow you to share your thoughts and inner feelings

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Martina - Offering Sessions at Epsom and Online.
Hi, my name is Martina. I am currently studying Counselling & Physcotherapy. I have always been intrigued by human behaviour, how we are effected by circumstances, and the choices we make. I believe in supporting others to find their own path in life’s journey. 
I have trained in Advanced Certificate in Counselling and Expressive Therapeutic Arts Level 3. I am currently training in Counselling & Psychotherapy Level 4 Diploma which I will complete next year, completing 4 years of training, qualifying as an Integrative Counsellor. 
I enjoy walking with my dog Milo, baking and sharing new recipes with my friends and family, watching movies with popcorn.


Gemma - Offering Sessions at Kingston and Online

Seeking counselling can be challenging for many of us, and in doing so you have already taken an incredible first step for your mental wellbeing.

  I am currently studying my Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and have been professionally involved in facilitating personal development and wellbeing for over 10 years. I am a student member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

  I understand the importance of valuing each of my clients as individuals and I provide them with a safe and holding space in which they can explore their situations, thoughts, and feelings. Practicing as an integrative counsellor allows me to introduce tools and skills from different therapeutic approaches, tailor my work to suit the needs of my clients and strengthen the trust within our counselling relationships. Through empathy and integrity, I offer a judgement free and confidential environment to all who are seeking to reflect, explore or discover their self. I have experience working with diverse groups of people, and can offer help to those experiencing; anxiety, bereavement, depression, eating disorders, emotional struggles, family challenges, LGBTQI+ community challenges, low self-esteem, relationship problems, self-harm, among others.


Kati - Offering Sessions at Epsom & Online


My name is Kati, I am an ex banking professional, and a Finnish long term UK resident. I recently found myself in a situation where i was able step back, reflect and think where i wanted to go in my career. I decided to make a change and pursue my long term interest in psychology, something I have always wanted to understand better, both from personal and professional perspective. First, I studied for a diploma in counselling psychology (CAE Singapore) and continued with MA in Psychotherapy (Leeds Beckett Uni), which I recently completed.

I have primarily worked with teenage girls and young women this far, but not exclusively, and have thoroughly enjoyed my journey motivated by easing the daily stressors of my clients. I offer a safe, non judgmental space for everyone, and tailor my approach for each client. I work together with the clients to identify the therapeutic goals and the suitable approach to reach them. I am mainly using person centred therapy and CBT, combined with mindfulness and lifestyle assessment, which I have found both efficient and helpful, and hope that so will you.

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Diana - Offering Sessions at Epsom &  Online
I am a trainee counsellor registered with the BACP and the ACC I offer a supportive, non-judgmental, safe, and confidential space to explore... I provide therapy for adults in private sessions at The Wellbeing Therapy Hut Centre (Epsom) and over zoom. I am in my second year of level four Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.
Sometimes in life we reach a point when we struggle to cope emotionally or make sense of what we are going through . Counselling offers a non-judgemental and confidential space to understand what  you are going through and what changes you would like to make.  I believe in the power of change and the potential for growth. I am primarily Person -Centred but I believe in Integrative counselling, by pulling on the resources of different elements of specific therapies. I believe that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations, but rather tailored to the requirements of the client.


Charlotte - Offering Sessions at Kingston & Online

Hi, I’m Charlotte,


My desire to become a counsellor began with a fascination into the human mind and human behavior. To be able to discover underlying causes of unwanted behaviour and thought patterns and use this to guide a recovery process is why I have chosen this path.

This career choice comes from an inner calling, to help people reconnect with themselves, it is something that not only fulfills me but is my drive to continue this road. I have always tried to guide people and to help them acknowledge that although their past may influence them, it doesn’t define them. To aid individuals in finding empowerment within, is my ultimate goal.

Currently I am studying towards my Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling which involves practising an integrative approach. Practising this modality allows me to offer a comfortable and safe space for the client to feel free to express themselves openly but also to safely guide the client back through time, in order to help establish root causes of certain emotions. I work mindfully in the present with an occasional glance into the past. 

Thank you for reading, and good luck on your journey

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Hana - Offering Sessions Online or Kingston

Hello, I’m Hana. 

My interest in Counselling started with a self exploration journey that led me to understand and identify my thoughts and emotions. Doing that, I became more able to recognise them and much relief came with that and this is what I aspire to support my clients to feel this too. 

I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the American University in Cairo and I am currently doing my Masters degree in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies at Queen Mary University in Cairo. I am also undertaking CBT training at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society. 

Back in Egypt, I trained in 3 psychiatric hospitals. I also trained at the student well-being centre at my university in which I supported university students cope with academia related stress, time management, organizational and interpersonal skills. 

I aim to offer a supportive, non-judgemental environment where I can help with areas of difficulties including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, adjustment, interpersonal effectiveness and learning difficulties. 

I believe in individual differences and in using an integrative approach that allows me to tailor the methods used to each client’s needs in a way that facilitates their self exploration and wellbeing journey in the way that suits them the most. 

I am fluent in both English and Arabic and I would be more than happy to conduct sessions in either language. 

Some of the things I enjoy doing include joining virtual walking challenges, writing and creating stop motion videos. 


David - Offering sessions at Epsom, Kingston or Online

Hello, I’m David and welcome! 

Taking that first step into therapy can be a challenge but finding us here is a great first step.

I am a trainee integrative counsellor currently studying a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling at Kingston College.  After 10 years of working in PR, I found this wasn’t fulfilling me and that my true purpose in life was to help others find empowerment and mental wellbeing within themselves.  I underwent a personal development and wellbeing journey in 2018 that radically changed my life, addressing my own personal mental health leading to a more wholehearted and authentic life.  

I am training integratively, meaning that various theories may present themselves in the room, but at the core I work with you in mind, with a humanistic / person centred approach.  I find it is beneficial to examine the past to see the impact on the here and now, but at your own pace.  I would offer a kind, non-judgemental, empathic, and honest approach with therapy and would work together with you to form a relationship and work towards the goals you would like to achieve with your own mental wellbeing.  I understand how difficult starting therapy can be and would want to help you through that process.  I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community and have previous personal experiences with sobriety, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

I believe in hope, and I believe that we are all able to make changes to our lives.

Wishing you well as you begin this journey.


Rosemary - Epsom & Online

Hi , my name is Rosemary I am offering sessions at Epsom and online.

I am currently undertaking a L4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling alongside supporting families within a child contact centre.

I am very passionate about supporting  people struggling with mental health difficulties, I have experience personally and professionally in supporting and understanding child, adolescent and adult mental health difficulties, not only for people struggling with mental health but also the familys supporting them.

I can provide a safe space for you to be able to explore any presenting difficulties you may have to help find more positive perspectives to best help manage difficulties which present themselves within your lives.

I provide an integrative approach and am a registered BACP Student member.


Nancy - Epsom & Online
Asking for help is a sign of strength, you have shown strength already by accessing the resources at the Wellbeing Therapy Hut. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, or you need help managing stress, work related problems or relationship issues, I believe that talking to a counsellor is one of the biggest steps you can make to achieving wellness.  I believe that every individual knows deep down what they want out of life, but the challenges that life presents us with can sometimes cause us to feel lost or out of control.  We might be living by someone else’s values, through loyalty or because by looking after others, we haven’t had the chance to listen to our own voice in a while.  My aim as a counsellor is to give you space to be heard, accepted, and to talk things over to help you find a new perspective.
I am currently studying for my Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, focusing on psychodynamic and person-centred therapy. I am a Trainee Member of the BACP.  I have always been interested in psychology and human behaviour and how our past experience influences the decisions we make through life.  We can not change our past, but we can re-frame things and move forwards. 
I first experienced counselling for myself when I just turned 30 and I found it such a positive process.  Since then I have been an advocate of therapy – it is good to talk!  I believe that therapy should be accessible to all.  While studying for my Diploma I feel really privileged that I can offer to work with you in the clinical setting.


Lorraine - Epsom & Online

Hello, my name is Lorraine. I am a trainee counsellor, currently studying the CPCAB Leve 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), following their code of ethics. 
I have experience in caring for someone with a long-term health problem and all of the difficulties that this entails. I also have 15 years of experience working with young people and their families in a school setting. Likewise, I have worked with clients coping with grief (including childhood bereavement), self-harm, depression, anxiety, anxiety low self-esteem, negative body image, sexuality and gender identity, family issues (fostering, family break-ups) and coping with new medical or physical difficulties.
My aim is to provide a safe, warm, confidential place where you can talk about your difficulties free from any judgement. Another objective is to cultivate a trusting relationship which is key to therapy, allowing you to feel comfortable in opening up and talking about your troubles.
I work in an integrative way, which means that I use various styles of therapy to enable us, together, to tailor your sessions in a way that will best help you as an individual to live your best, healthiest and happiest life. I use Psychodynamic therapy to look into your past patterns, Person Centred therapy to look at your current life and problems and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to break down and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 
We will work collaboratively to help you move forward and make meaningful change to your life or come to terms with a past experience and find coping techniques. All in all, we will walk this journey together!

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Josiah - Epsom & Online

Hi there, I’m Josiah. 

I started my counselling journey alongside a career working mostly with at risk youth and children who had experienced trauma. Witnessing the healing power of grassroots action within families and marginalised communities sparked my interest in therapy. Counselling training therefore seemed like a natural career progression and after completing a Certificate in Counselling Children in Schools and a multidisciplinary BSc (with a focus on child psychology and counselling), I am currently studying for a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I am also a student member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and abide by their ethical framework. 

I am particularly experienced in working with those exploring aspects of identity and I have an extensive understanding of trans and LGBQ+ experiences. My training is integrative, which means I can tailor my approach to meet your needs, focusing on both the past and present. I also strive to work in an anti-oppressive way, which involves reflecting on how systems of inequality affect the counselling relationship. I have experience as a client in therapy which I feel is integral to my practice as a counsellor. Walking alongside you to understand how you experience the world is important to me and I believe in collaborating with you to co-create a space where every aspect of you is welcome.