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If you'd like to book, please complete the relevant online form below:

Individual Counselling:


For individual counselling, there is first an online assessment with one of the team. This is to ask questions and find out what you're looking for with therapy, in order to find the counsellor that is best suited to you.

All clients need to be UK-based. 

There is a fee of £20 for this service, due at the time of booking.


Sessions will commence shortly after your assessment - there is currently a wait time of 5 weeks between assessment and sessions starting.

Couples / Family Counselling:

Spaces for couples counselling is limited at the moment - Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm, and Wednesdays and Fridays between 9:15am and 2pm, ONLINE ONLY.

Hypnotherapy & EMDR:

You won't get a confirmation note once the form has been submitted, but one of the team will then be in touch to process your registration and book a session in for you.

Alternative Therapies:

Please email to book directly

We may or may not be able to provide you with therapy due to your needs and the capacity of staff. You also may request a trainee but due to limitations it might mean that you will need to see a qualified counsellor.

Our Services

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