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Jess has been the most wonderful therapist so supportive and really helped me understand myself and taught me not to blame myself for things that have happened in my past. I felt so comfortable with Jess opening up with things that I have never told anyone else before.  Jess was never judgemental and made me feel at home. All I can do is sing Jess' praises!


Jess was a great listener, but she also reflected my thoughts back to me and helped clarify things for me. I feel Jess really understood what I had been through.


Jess was a great counsellor. She helped me work through real situations and challenged me to think differently. She was kind and supportive. She gave me a chance to open lots of long closed boxes in a safe way and explore where some of my issues and problems are coming from. She presents a very real person who is easy to talk to.


I didn't like the idea of therapy for my daughter but we felt ill-equipped to help her and we had nowhere to turn. We had tried work books, diaries and help books but the situation remained the same. Jess helped by giving us that safe space where we could be entirely open and honest. She listened, understood and moved the conversation to a place where my daughter felt comfortable talking. Jess didn't tell us what to do or feel or how we should be feeling, we explored the range of emotions my daughter was feeling which gave her the chance to recognise how she felt. That allowed her to move forward by calming down the feelings she was trapped by. We feel so grateful that we found Jess at such a desperate time.



David has been brilliant. At first it was hard to work out how talking about things would help as I was looking for answers which I wasn’t going to get from anyone, but David was able to help me see that I was already answering my own questions and has helped me deal with situations more calmly and clearly. As a result I feel like I’m able to understand my emotions a lot better.


Jess is absolutely brilliant. Through her friendly and understanding approach I've always felt at ease and like I could explore areas of myself that I wanted to. I've been feeling so much better since starting our sessions and I can see and feel my improvement in confidence and wellbeing. I couldn't recommend Jess more


Jess is a fantastic counsellor, she is a very good listener and enabled me to come out of the rut I found myself in and adapt my approach to several issues I was facing to the point that I resolved these issues and am in a much better place than when I first started the counselling process.


Jess was kind, a great listener and excellent at giving advice. We felt she provided us with great tools and a safe place to be emotionally vulnerable with eachother. Thank you for all of your help.


I can not thank Diana enough! She was with me before, during and after one of the most hardest things happen to me. I will be forever in her debt. Amazing counsellor


I found therapy with Gemma very helpful. It felt like a neutral place to offload with no judgment. Gemma made me feel comfortable and was helpful and kind.


The well-being therapy hut has benefited my mental health and my life as a whole. The quality of therapy was incredible as was the price. Very happy customer


Sarah's approach was exceptional and would not have know she was a trainee if I had not been told.


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