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Therapy at The Wellbeing Therapy Hut

By Jess Farazmand - Director at The Wellbeing Therapy Hut

My background is in family support; whether that be in an education setting, the local council or county council. One of the common issues I noticed that kept arising was people seeking counselling. The only options seemed to be that you had to go through doctors or go privately. The NHS does an amazing job, but because of demand, there is a big waiting time for therapy, which varies between six months to a year. Plus, when you’re at the top of the waiting list, you are only offered from 6-8 sessions; this can be enough for some people, but for others, it will only scratch the surface. The NHS mainly offers CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). This is a great therapy but for some clients, they will need something deeper to truly understand and process their needs and emotions.

So it seems like private therapy could be the route to go down for some. However, locally, this can vary in cost from £40 up to £90 per session. I understand the costs, as there is a lot that goes into training, as well as extra costs from insurance and governing body fees. But it isn’t something that is accessible and much of the population won’t be able to afford therapy at this level.

face to face talking therapy in Surrey

Therapy to be yours

This is what made me decide that something needed to change; therapy needed to be more accessible and affordable, as well as being client led. The Therapy Wellbeing Hut was then founded. The aim is for therapy to be yours.

Affordable therapy in Surrey

There are still some costs that we have to cover, compared to the NHS or some mental health charities, but there are reduced options for you. For online therapy sessions the cost is as little as £18 and for face to face sessions, the cost is £25. Therapy with us is open ended, so you can have as many or a few sessions with us as you’d like, at a pace to suit you. This differs compared to others where you have limited time to use up a certain number of sessions and are perhaps tied into a certain number of sessions. As a result, with our way of doing things, you can dig deeper when you’re ready and when you’re able to look at the root cause of what you are experiencing.

Accessible therapy

We know that not everyone will want to meet face to face or even be able to do so because of their mental health or other issues. That is why we offer both online sessions, as well as face to face sessions. You can choose what feels most comfortable and right for you, as well as being able to switch between the two options if required. We also offer couple's counselling, so there should be something that can help everyone.

couple's counselling in Epsom and Kingston, Surrey

Types of therapy at The Wellbeing Therapy Hut

The majority of us at TWTH are integrative therapists. This means that we have a knowledge of different strategies and theories, but at our core, the therapy is Person Centred. Therapy with us means that we sit with you and truly listen to what you are feeling and experiencing, only then choosing the relevant theory to help you. The sessions aren’t ‘structured’ just to suit our knowledge.

Trainee therapists

The trainee therapists that we have are a really important part of the team. They are a vital part of keeping The Wellbeing Therapy Hut dream going. A trainee doesn’t mean that they have no experience; our trainees will have completed their level 1, 2, and 3 training and will be currently on their level 4 or 5 training. The trainees have a lot of theoretical knowledge and understanding of what therapy is in the room. They have also been practising in their classes, learning how to hold the space for therapy. When they work with us, they are then able to gain experience with clients, and are supported by me, their supervisor and their college or university.

Qualified therapists

We have a couple of qualified therapists as part of the team, including myself. This means that we have completed courses and have all passed their exam and course. It means we are experienced in holding the space for therapy with clients. We can all have different styles, as well as different interests and specialties, which is why it is important to work with a therapist that you think will work best for you.

The big dream at TWTH is to offer a wellness centre. This is where clients can come to our two locations, either Epsom or Kingston, to be able to experience affordable and accessible therapy for the whole mind and body. Part of this is that we have Swedish massage and Reiki available already, but would love to expand this range of services and complementary therapies.

Book a therapy session online with us today to see how we can help you.

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